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Top 10 Christmas Things

1. Jose Feliciano – Feliz NavidadĀ 

2. Christmas Cookies

3. Home Alone ” I made my family disappear.”

4. Snowboarding because I like to go with my family and friends and have fun in riding in the snow while still being warm.

5. What I want for Christmas is a some new shoes that are pretty cheap but look kinda good. RIGHT HERE

6. One holiday service project I like to do is give gifts to all of my family member on Christmas because it is a good thing to do and makes them happy.


8. Money

9. Jesus was born on Christmas

10. Last year on Christmas day I woke up and got out of bed, ate breakfast and open presents with my family.

Middle School Thoughts

Middle school isn’t that bad but it surely isn’t great. Middle school is where 6th, 7th and 8th graders go to get educated in the same school together. There is some pros about middle school but there is also a lot of cons. Some pros about middle school include being able to talk with your friends, learn new stuff that is useful, and learn how to social with people you have never met. The cons include having to wake up at 7am, having to sit in a seat for most of the day, and lastly learning some stuff that you will never use in your life.

Favorite Fictional Character

Tom Cat is my favorite frictional Character because he is funny without saying anything. If you don’t know who Tom Cat it he is from the Tom and Jerry cartoon. Tom and Jerry is a show were a cat (Tom) chases a mouse (Jerry) around a house but fails almost every-time because the mouse (Jerry) sets up traps around the house.