Top 10 Christmas Things

1. Jose Feliciano – Feliz NavidadĀ 

2. Christmas Cookies

3. Home Alone ” I made my family disappear.”

4. Snowboarding because I like to go with my family and friends and have fun in riding in the snow while still being warm.

5. What I want for Christmas is a some new shoes that are pretty cheap but look kinda good. RIGHT HERE

6. One holiday service project I like to do is give gifts to all of my family member on Christmas because it is a good thing to do and makes them happy.


8. Money

9. Jesus was born on Christmas

10. Last year on Christmas day I woke up and got out of bed, ate breakfast and open presents with my family.

Throwback Thurday

When I was younger I used to play this game all the time with my friends and found it really fun. Now that I am older I still find it fun but it is not quite as fun as it use to be. This game is called tetherball, were two people hit a ball that is connected to a pole by a string. If the string was fully wrapped around the pole the person who made it wrapped won. There is also some rules to tetherball that include, not to grab the string, but there is many strategies like hitting the ball really hard and pretty high so the other person couldn’t hit it back. Here is a video of tetherball.


My dream bedroom

If I had all the money in the world to make a dream bedroom. It would include a gym, half a football field and a big bed.

My first must have is the gym. It would be really cool to have a gym so you could workout whenever you wanted to. It could get you ripped and get super strong. It would also make you look super good like the rock.

My second must have is a big bed. This one is pretty obvious because every room needs to have something comfortable to sleep on. I also like to have a big bed so I don’t roll of when I am sleeping. Click Here for link

My third must have is half a football field. This is a must have because I like to play football. This would really improve you as a football player. Also everyone of your friends would want to come to your house to play football.

Fall Break

Fall break went by to fast and should have lasted longer. I didn’t really do anything special besides carve pumpkins with my family. The rest of the days I stayed home sleeping. That explains my fall break.

Classmate Guest Blog

On today blog, I have decided to invite Bronson Evans to talk on my blog. Bronson will be talking about how Corner Canyon is an amazing High-school. Now I will turn this over to Bronson.

Bronson: Hi everyone this is Bronson Evans and I am glad to be on Roman’s Blog today. If you didn’t know yet, I am writing about how Corner Canyon is an amazing high-school for athletics and academics. First of all Corner Canyon is ranked 14th in the nation for high-school football. There basketball team is not the best in the state but the are certainly not bad but more average. There tennis team is pretty average to. Now for academics, Corner Canyon is one of the best high-schools in Utah for academics.

If you want to learn more about Corner Canyon High School click here

Free write about Bengals

The Bengals are a NFL football team that haven’t been good for a very long time or known as a below average team. The main reason for the the Bengals being a below average team is that they have a bad offensive line and a sorry defense. But in the most recent draft the Bengals have drafted some really good offensive lineman and some even pretty good defensive players. This has been really good for them this season because now they are 2-1 only losing to the Chicago Bears and beating the Minnesota Vikings and their rivals the Pittsburgh Steelers. Overall I have high hopes for the Bengals this season.

Middle School Thoughts

Middle school isn’t that bad but it surely isn’t great. Middle school is where 6th, 7th and 8th graders go to get educated in the same school together. There is some pros about middle school but there is also a lot of cons. Some pros about middle school include being able to talk with your friends, learn new stuff that is useful, and learn how to social with people you have never met. The cons include having to wake up at 7am, having to sit in a seat for most of the day, and lastly learning some stuff that you will never use in your life.